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Dr. Briana Grimaldi

Dr. Briana Grimaldi

Meet Dr. Briana Grimaldi, a native of Ringwood, New Jersey. She graduated with summa cum laude honors from Stockton University and completed her doctorate from PCO at Salus University. Dr. Grimaldi is an active member of the American Optometric Association and has made significant contributions to the field, including a featured article in Modern Optometry. 

Her professional journey began at a bustling ophthalmology practice, where she honed her skills in specialties such as pediatric eye care, specialty contact lenses, ocular disease, myopia control, and low vision. Driven by a genuine passion for making a difference, she finds fulfillment in giving children their first pair of glasses and helping people with visual impairments see the things they love.

Beyond managing eye health, Dr. Grimaldi engages in community outreach and shares her life with Izzy, a delightful blue-eyed corgi. Balancing her commitment to her patients' well-being with a vibrant personal life, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, crafting, and quality family time.


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