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Volte Face

Volte FaceIn 1997 Fabienne Coudray-Meisel launched Volte Face, her first collection of French eyewear based on a passion for beauty and design. Fast forward to today, she now releases four collections of exquisite, luxury eyewear each year to distribute around the world to fashion enthusiasts looking for something chic and beautiful.


Volte Face, which means “about face” in French can indicate a change in opinion or a switch from thinking one way to another. The eyewear is a symbol of a change in traditional luxury design characterized by avant garde pairings of materials, intricate detailing and stunning architecture, setting the brand apart from other lines of eyewear. The designs are conceived as if they were hand crafted jewelry created with precision finishing, beautiful surface effects and complex sophistication. Volte Face eyewear uses feminine forms to create the perfect balance of precision, texture, color and clever design.


Visit the Volte Face website.