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True Religion

True Religion Photo Collage

Founded in 2002 by Jeffrey Lubell, True Religion's core offereing is quality, American-made authentic denim with timeless appeal and a vintage aesthetic. The brand offers a wide range of styles in nearly every category and embraces the motto: "It’s all about the fit."

  • As a teenager growing up in New York, Lubell would bleach bell-bottoms and embellish his favorite pairs of jeans with leather and denim patches.
  • The company's name comes from the founder's thought: "There's only one real religion and that's people."
  • True Religion products are favorites for everyone from fashionable stay-at-home moms to uber-celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson, Megan Fox, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lopez (not to mention the maile stars!).
  • The company's products include mens, women and children's demin and sportswear as well as accessories, sunglasses and fragrance,
  • True Religion is currently sold at 125 standalone stores worldwide and is distributed to 50 countries on six continents.
  • True Religion sunglasses use specially polarized lenses to reduce glare from reflective surfaces. They have a special laminated surface that allows vertically-polarized light to enter the wearer’s eyes.

Visit the True Religion Eyewear website.