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SerengetiSerengeti Eyewear is a high-end sunglasses designer brand focused on eye protection. The company researches and develops state of the art technology such as photochromic technology that enables quick adjustment of lens to light variations, spectral control technology that gives high-definition contrast and color enhancement, and polarization technology that reduces glare and eliminates ultraviolet rays.

Today, Serengeti sunglasses are considered by opticians, eye care specialists and enthusiasts to be the best lenses in the world. One of the secrets to the world’s finest driving glasses is the Serengeti lens. Serengeti makes two types of lenses, glass and Polar PhD. These photochromic lenses ensure that your eyes remain fatigue-free throughout the day regardless of the light conditions. So whether you choose glass or Polar PhD lenses, they come with the advanced photochromic technology that gives you everything you’d ever need.

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