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Police AdIn 1983, Police launched as a brand of fashion sunglasses at a time when sunglasses were transforming from a simple necessity to a fashion accessory. Police has now become a lifestyle brand of accessories and as of 2013 apparel as well. The Italian company’s unique style appeals to fashion lovers who are normal people with passions, striking qualities, defined personalities and a life story. Always looking to capture the spirit of the times, Police designers look to create collections that stand out, express freedom and energy and a little bit of rebellion.

Famous for their blue mirror lenses which made a comeback in 2011, you will recognize Police for its’ success in securing some of the hottest actors in Hollywood to represent its wares such as Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham and Antonio Banderas over the years.

If you are looking for eyewear that is unique, sexy, edgy and goes a little bit beyond fashion to express its’ own personality, look no further – Police eyewear is the lifestyle choice for you.

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