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LineArtLineArt Charmant frames are a harmonious fusion of technology and art, design and inspiration – a uniquely sophisticated brand for those seeking beauty and excellence.

Light and gentle to the touch LineArt Charmant frames feature Excellence Titan, a titanium alloy uniquely suited to creating highly flexible, durable and beautiful eye wear. LineArt Charmant Frames made with Excellence Titan feature:

  • Beautiful elegance and distinctive design: Due to the innovative laser welding techniques LineArt Charmant has extensive design possibilities not known to other memory materials. Our designers seek elegance, beauty and harmony in the lines and embellishments.
  • Highly flexible frames: The woven-like structure provides the highest flexibility, providing a truly superb and long lasting fit. Excellence Titan has a memory function which means that even after years of wear, the frames will maintain their shape and fit.
  • Ultimate comfort: Due to the light and flexible nature of the material the frames offer a gentle yet secure fit.  There is no pain or discomfort from pressure on the temples or elsewhere.
  • Ergonomic design/3-dimenional fitting: The frame is ergonomically designed for the ultimate fitting comfort. The curvature of the temple rests comfortably and securely.

LineArt Charmant frames stand apart from other frames around the world. After an 8-year joint research journey with Tohuku University to develop Excellence Titan – the ideal material for eyewear – they have succeeded in creating eyewear that offers gentle, long lasting comfort and beauty like no other.

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