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KaenonKaenon was built upon an intense passion and a clear desire to never compromise, which has resulted in a brand that has raised the bar for innovation, quality and style in performance eyewear and the optical industry.

As pioneers in the development of high quality, innovative lens technology and unique frame styles built for comfort and performance, Kaenon operates in pursuit of the ideal of how eyewear should be. With a commitment to premium craftsmanship and a forward approach to style, Kaenon abides by values to never compromise on quality, authenticity, originality or family.

Each detail that goes into manufacturing Kaenon eyewear from the advanced lens materials to the frame hinges is exclusively engineered for Kaenon. With the highest standards of quality and design, Kaenon produces a diverse selection of frame styles with distinct colors and hand crafted and hand-painted treatments to ensure they are providing the finest product for all eyewear needs.

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