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Feb31stLike the name, FEB31st is the idea of entrepreneurs that makes us dream and reach for the seemingly impossible. Hand crafted in Italy, FEB31st features lightweight wooden frames of bold and beautiful colors and shapes.

FEB31st exclusively uses wood, a material that is precious and symbolic, sensual and rich in history, elegant and natural, ancient and modern. Their unique eyewear, in which color is a main feature, synthesizes lightness, simplicity and sustainability through innovative design. 

The lightweight wooden frames can be customized with their tailor made service offering extensive possibilities including engravings, color layering and shape to express the unique individual.

The frames come in three options including:

  1. Titanium/wood – an ambitious challenge that combines wood and titanium in a juxtaposition that makes the glasses even more exclusive.
  2. Rimless –different geometries of lenses express different personalities, while the structural components made of precious titanium combine with the colored, warm and comfortable wood bows.
  3. Shape: Original geometry brings comfort to the eye and great personality, once again made masterly of wood. The innovative Shape family includes sensual shapes and an undisputable fashion component.

FEB31st represents contemporary design, craftsmanship and excellence.  

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Please note that we are not taking in any appointments on Sundays. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.