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CaviarCaviar is about pure luxury eyewear – a company that prides itself on not following trends, but creating them out of the wants and needs of its’ customers. Caviar creates handcrafted, luxury eyewear defined by an iconic trademark – authentic Austrian crystals and gorgeous designs.

Caviar strives to be the world’s best producer of exquisite crystal eyewear, while providing exceptional customer service. Each piece is a unique statement of craftsmanship, beauty and luxurious design. Caviar frames are for those that embody confidence and sophistication and celebrate artistic beauty. These highly collectible frames are created in limited quantities to create a statement piece for the exclusive consumer. 

Caviar was developed in 1994 by third generation owners Co-Presidents Brad Besner and Leonard Cohen. Their philosophy is not based on the practicality of eyewear, but on the infinite possibilities of dressing one’s eyes. They eat and sleep eyewear and know what it takes to design an amazing pair of frames.

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